Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Odd Lies Of Sarah Palin

Andrew Sullivan is collecting "The Odd Lies Of Sarah Palin." As of 10/19/08, he has posted the following:

I: Firing Monegan
II: The Bridge To Nowhere
III: Firing Stambaugh
IV: Endangered Species
V: The Oil Pipeline
VI: Gays
VII: Climate Change
VIII: Habeas Corpus
IX: Alaska's Energy Contribution
X: The Teleprompter
XI: Asking The Girls?
XII: Her Pay Cut As Mayor
XIII: Accessing Wooten's Medical Records
XIV: What Trade Missions To Russia?
XV: Her Israeli Flag
XVI: Divestment From Sudan
XVII: "Pre-Surge Troop Levels"
XVIII: Abuse Of Power (See the very 1st post on this blog about this one.)
XIX: "Fear" Of Wooten
XX: The Clothes Still On The Airplane

Palin "publicly denies reality, insists on repeating that denial and is unable to deal with real world the way psychologically healthy people do. . . . They are not the lies of a devious politician. They are much more troubling than that. They reflect a psyche unable to process fact when it conflicts with a delusional self-image. She is even worse in this psychotic denialism than Bush. She is a politician who can only survive in a propaganda state" (Sullivan, 19 Oct 2008 06:06 pm).

Next thing you know, she will be lying about lying about the Troopergate Report! Doubt McCain & Co. will not acknowledge that their veep choice is a pathological liar - either because they are as well ("like attracts like"). What is especially scary is that some voters (and journalist!) apparently still think she is a viable candidate! Perhaps that just goes to show the extent to which we have become an Orwellian propaganda state.

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